Toronto Nepali Film Festival came into existence on the premise and spirit of volunteerism. That spirit continues to support its mission and makes it a reality year after year. On an average, there are close to 30 volunteers shouldering various aspects of a growing organization and contributes to deliver a stellar event each year. Thus far, TNFF has staged 4 very successful Film Festivals and there is no stopping this momentum.

At TNFF, we strongly believe that being part of our family must lead to a symbiotic relationship, whereby, both parties are mutually benefited. What every volunteer and their precious minutes means to TNFF, needs no highlighting. Its suffice to mention that without their dedication and support, TNFF would not exist. But lets focus on you, why should you volunteer with us and how this mutual relationship should be a great journey for you as well. Here are just some of the points we will like to call out:


At TNFF, Art is our soul and Films takes the center stage. And merging them together is what we know and what we do best. So if you have always had a love for art and wanted to see up close how a film festival comes together, you are home. You will have ample opportunity to get a peek into your creative side and like the cliche goes, unless you try, you may never know.


At TNFF, we want to strike the right balance between your strengths and what you want to learn from your volunteering engagement with us. As much as we need your help, we also want to ensure that you walk away with a rich plethora of valuable experience and skills. Coupled this with the wide-ranging students/professionals we attract along all walks of life, we can boast of a truly rich volunteer group that will be yours to leverage. Over the past few years, our volunteers have been successful not only in augmenting their skills but also have propelled their individual career advancements on our shoulders. This for us is our pride and your reward.


At TNFF, we are suckers for having fun. What you take from your interactions with TNFF is but, ultimately up to you. Even on the points mentioned above, some take more while some take less but we can assure you that everyone will have as much fun together. We strive hard to make each and every interaction within TNFF encapsulated with a fun environment. We work hard, we work in unison and we work to deliver a meaningful film festival year after year and when everything is done and dusted, each and every one of us volunteer, we look back to the fun times we had along the way leading up to the event.

So dont wait any longer, reach out to us and start your fun volunteering journey with us!!!!