TNFF 2017 Volunteers


Barsha Berma

TNFF has some of the most hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic people I know ...who wouldn't want to be apart of such a great team??


Him Ranjit

Arts and Films of Nepal tend to be marketed for a very small audience, just in Nepal. TNFF seems like a great organization to showcase the arts of Nepal to a wider audience here in Canada and recognize the works of filmmakers that otherwise would not have been acknowledged or seen outside of Nepal. Particularly being organized by young Nepalis of Toronto, I personally feel like this is a great platform to build future leaders for the Nepali community in Toronto.​

Keshav Sarawagi


Coming from Nepal, my international student experience here in Toronto has been an adventure of a whole new kind. I have always been eager to engage myself outside of my academic life because there is so much to learn out there. I visited TNFF last year and I was reconnected with Nepal through the films that were showcased, and decided to volunteer for this year's event where I believe I can add on my valuable inputs to the team and wish for the success of TNFF.

Kreemila Poudyal

Because I want to learn more about Nepali independent films and TNFF would be the best platform for me to do that.


Lakshya Dhungana

TNFF because it gives me a chance to get involved with a few things I absolutely love: Nepal, our adorable team, and the art of film-making.


MaryGold Bhandari 


Niyati Adhikari

I chose to be a part of TNFF to play a role in supporting and exposing talents from Nepal, to learn more about issues and cultures pertaining to Nepal and to be intact with the Nepali community


Pratik Bhandari

TNFF has always showcased a variety of great films. I experienced this first hand last year and I knew I had to be a part of the team for 2015. Along the way I have met some great people and we've worked hard to make this year even better! :)

Rakesh Kandel

TNFF is an idea platform to get in touch with the Nepali culture and build network while improving and implementing organization, time management and interpersonal skills into the event. It's exciting to be able to sue film to bring awareness of Nepali culture into the Western world.

Rinchen Dolma

I want to be a part of the conversations happening in the diaspora. TNFF creates a space for the diverse voices and stories that come from the Himalayas to be amplified, shared and explored. 

Sonal Ranjit

I want to help resonate the voice of the Nepalese culture here in Toronto, and TNFF is an excellent source for it.


Surendra Lawoti

To understand narratives of Nepal that are often overlooked by the mainstream media and to understand Nepal in greater depth, beyond the exotic representation.

Urgen Lama

Tashi Delek! This is Urgen Lama. I chose TNFF because it makes me feel connected to my home, Nepal. I am very passionate about movies and photography. Therefore, I have always wanted to work with a team of individuals who share similar passions.